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About Us
Welcome to Supernatural-Club! This club/group is dedicated to the TV show, Supernatural, on the CW. Here you can show off your Supernatural fanart, meet other fans, enter contests, and have fun! This club is open to all Supernatural fans!

How to Join and Submit

Everyone is Accepted!
All you have to do is click join group at the top of the page! :D

- Submit to the appropriate folder.
-- 1. click on the gallery tab at the top.
-- 2. click on the appropriate folder for your dev.
-- 3. click 'Submit to This Folder'
- If you submit to the wrong folder, I will decline your deviation. You may submit it again into the correct folder.


- No bashing people or their artwork. No rudeness will be accepted here.
- If your deviation is already in the gallery, please do not "suggest a fave".
- Fanart must be related to characters from the show - no art (except fanfic) containing OCs will be accepted. Crossovers with other series are allowed in the "Crossovers" folder.
- Please no advertisements in the messages, we have a Folder for those.
- Must be YOURS.
- At this time we are not accepting sexually explicit content
- DO NOT submit in the 'Featured' folder.
- NO Tracing, Copying, and Stealing. It will not be tolerated, if we find someone stealing art we will report and ban you.
- Please, no screenshots.
- If you have a problem please send us a note!


If you would like to be featured here please check out the [point] featured journal! All the information you need is there! :D

Brothers Apart 1Background: In this fic, Sam was hit with a witch's curse when he was 10 and Dean was 14. Unable to find him or his attacker anywhere when the dust settled, John and Dean Winchester were eventually forced to give him up for dead. Unbeknownst to them, Sam was saved from the witch and adopted into a new family, and they've trained him to take care of himself as best he can in the world, and protected him from the witch's gaze all these years. And now...
August, 2005
Sam stood at the entrance to the motel room, surreptitiously scanning to make sure he was alone. The last thing he needed was to get captured by a human on one of his morning forays. Neither of his adopted parents approved of his choice to explore the motel during the day. But he'd found that when a room was vacant, humans weren't likely to 'check in' in the morning or early afternoon. For the most part, people would start to arrive in the early evening and night. It was incredibly rare to see anyone sooner. So,
Rowena by Puppet-Girl86 Rowena: Don't cross me! by someoneyoul0ve Rowena-Contest by ymymy Ruth Connell by hsr62 CE: Rowena by sambeawesome Rowena by Lostinmybed

Gallery Folders

Time- magazine cover by beata101
Michael by Nimloth87
SPN Club Contest - Banner by Leyhena
Default Folder
Sam winchesters death (supernatural) by greentigergirl
Supernatural by Nscorpio13
Supernatural S10.17-gag : into Bobby's Heaven by noji1203
WIP Castiel by decemberflower111
Rowena by SpringlockSheana
Celebrity Vector - Ruth Connell by EmmaEsme
Rowena (Ruth Connell) by jacsch71
Ruth Connell / Rowena by Esther-Viola
Dean - Jensen
Demon Dean - Blood by bmoni
I think I'm actually proud of this one by Crustylipsmcgee
Survival of the Fittest. Dean Winchester by LiLen
Dean Winchester. by Laurenthebumblebee
Sam - Jared
Jared and Thomas Padalecki by Ralenore
Sam Winchester: Warmer by Ralenore
Moose Cameo by EmmaEsme
Castiel - Misha
Stupid child of God, episode 2 by katigerclaw
My Guardian Angel Wears A Trench Coat - Digital by dalmation1080
Castiel by Yukito4ka
Castiel by agirlfromfrance
Castiel - Misha 2
Castiel by grecioslaw
Fallen Angel by Mollish
Castiel by GracieH99
Would you like a balloon? by Ryuuzaki-L-spy-19
Winchester Family
Dad left us again... by CaptaineJu
The Winchesters by MissNoSerious
The best big brother by Thorinstrawberry
Please Sammy... by Thorinstrawberry
Team Free Will
Team Free Will by fantasygirl157
Amazing Trio by MeteorBladeV3
Supernatural Day by T-Luminareth
[Supernatural] Vessels by Azuiri
Wide Awake by JackieDeeArt
They were young and brave... by CaptaineJu
Learning to Live Again [Castiel Big Bang] by ChelberNo1
Destiel watercolor sketch by JackieDeeArt
Drade and her boys by drade666

Mature Content

Fanfiction 2
MLP: SPN Crossover: Dean Winchester V2 by Mychelle
Charlie Bradbury
Felicia Day by davidajg
Crowley by LadyMintLeaf
Lucifer Supernatural Digital Painting by IreneUbik
Gabriel by DannyPling
Other Angels
Michael and Lucifer by DemonFromSnuffbox
Kevin Tran
Run Boy Run by Dylan-OWolf
Bobby Singer
Bobby - Jim Beaver by DontSpeakSilent
Ruby, Meg, and Abaddon
Abbadon by grecioslaw
Jo and Ellen Harvelle
Ellen Harvelle (Samantha Ferris) by jacsch71
Benny Lafette
Benny Lafitte (Ty Olsson) by jacsch71
Me in Lucifer by DannyPling
Crafts, Merchandise, Etc.
Custom Supernatural Funko Pop Mr. Ketch by LMRourke
Photo Ops and Autographs
Jensen Ackles VegasCon Photo Op 2017 by HRZONE2
Here comes the Sun by ThetarielWhitesinger
The Impala
Baby by ColorfulGuitar
Four Horsemen
Icons, Stamps, and Banners
Winchester Boys Icon Set by T-he-Mistress
a fearsome celestial being by Fel-Fisk
Claire Novak by debritoart
Club's Banner Contest
SPN Club Contest - Banner by Leyhena
St. Michael Contest Entries
In All His Glory. by Ryuutsu
Icon Contest Entries
SPN-Club Icon 2 by PixleRelish
Supernatural-Club's Official Icons
Supernatural-club icon. by Ryuutsu
Alternate Universe Contest Entries
AU SPN contest entry 2 by KamiDiox

Random from Featured

deen luvs pie :iconaisforpookeybutt:aisforpookeybutt 31 12 The New God :iconseraph5:Seraph5 45 28 misha collins autograph :D :iconverkoka:verkoka 59 53 Sammy - Jared Padalecki :iconverkoka:verkoka 35 24 Supernatural Easter :iconfallenindarkness:FallenInDarkness 42 9 Sam Winchester hair by seasons :iconverkoka:verkoka 647 467 Americas Next Top Winchester :iconrae-maxwell:rae-maxwell 1 0 Golden Boys. :iconzombies-go-rawr:ZOMBIES-GO-RAWR 13 16 Jared Padalecki :iconverkoka:verkoka 56 41 Up to No Good. :iconzombies-go-rawr:ZOMBIES-GO-RAWR 10 16 Jared Padalecki WIP 2 :iconverkoka:verkoka 16 54 Sammy Winchester :iconverkoka:verkoka 18 15 My Supernatural Wallpaper :D :iconverkoka:verkoka 100 44 Missing someone? :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 89 14 Dress Up - Sam Winchester 2 :iconverkoka:verkoka 79 142 Dress Up - Dean Winchester :iconverkoka:verkoka 161 136

New Contest!

Wed May 4, 2016, 7:58 AM

It's time again!

Life has been super crazy and I have been unable to start a new contest but ideally I would like to have a new one up and running within a month. The problem is I just don't know what the contest should revolve around.

I'd like your help deciding the Contest theme

So some of my ideas included:

Draw your favorite Character
Draw your favorite Scene
Draw your favorite Monster

What do you guys think? Vote below on one of these or one of your own! :D

Coding by SimplySilent, Editing by KoiCatCreations
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CatstielofRiverClan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 29, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
I was on the internet and I saw another awesome thing that Misha Collins did! So, I bet many of you have heard that Congress is putting up everyone's internet history for sale, (Honestly, if somebody bought mine they'd probably ship Destiel by the time they finished reading through everything) and a lot of people don't want their internet history for sale. So, go to Misha's gofundme page to donate so he can buy the internet history of all the members of Congress that decided to sign the thingy to make this terrible thing possible, so thank you.
SouloftheDragonTamer Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys I am trying to spread the word about this Kickstarter to publish a Supernatural Fanfiction and it is awesome! It features Sabriel and Destiel and if your donate $25 you get a signed copy! Even if you can't donate that much every bit helps! She's a quarter of the way there and only has till NoV. 23! Check it out:…
flaky23 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hi i didnt know if i would be able to add my dean cosplay ?…
TheCerebralCortex Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding me to the group. I just posted my first piece, a fanficiton starter "Falls Church".  Really hope to get some feed back from all of you at some point. Some of the things I've seen on here have been really awesome. Thanks again. 
SpringlockSheana Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Student General Artist
Does watching count as joining? I'm new on DA.... :(
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Thanks for adding me!
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Hey!Where Am I supposed to add my claire fanart because she's not included in any folder :( 
Have a nice day!
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LazyCatLady Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You should add to your rules you don't accept oc art.
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IAmGamerfun Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
YAY thx for letting me join, but I am only on season 1, so this may have not been a good idea to join this....Dean Crying 
jakexj4evr Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Does anyone do commissions? I'm looking for someone who can do a tangled crossover with the impala
halomindy Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015   Writer
We're would I put a couple pic but it's with an oc ?
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IdunaHayaPhotography Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry to inform you you have a massive art thief among your members. There's over 1680 pieces of stolen artwork in his gallery, in only two weeks. Here's just a few examples: Just gathering proofs
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Eridza-chan Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi, how about add a cosplay photo (Crowley female cosplay)? Which folder schould I choose?
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I was wondering if you accept fics writen in languages other than english?
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Just finished Creating Cas, this morning. 
Whadaya Think!?
Castiel ~ Supernatural ~ Crochet Amigurumi by MissyBaque  
Someone-Else79 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Thank you for the request !! :)
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