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New Contest!

Wed May 4, 2016, 7:58 AM

It's time again!

Life has been super crazy and I have been unable to start a new contest but ideally I would like to have a new one up and running within a month. The problem is I just don't know what the contest should revolve around.

I'd like your help deciding the Contest theme

So some of my ideas included:

Draw your favorite Character
Draw your favorite Scene
Draw your favorite Monster

What do you guys think? Vote below on one of these or one of your own! :D

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Alright, everyone, it's time to prove how strong the SPN fandom is once again.

Supernatural is up for an award for "Best Fandom" against Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Longmire, and Outlander. And so far...


Voting can be found at this link:…

So please take the time to vote, and tell your friends. The Supernatural fandom is the best group of fans have ever had the honor of being a part of, and I would hate for us to lose an award that should be so easy for this show to obtain.

Polling ends on December 28th at 3:00pm EST. I know we can win, so let's get voting!

Rowena Contest Winners! :D

Fri Aug 14, 2015, 8:09 PM


    I cannot apologize enough for not posting the winners when I said I would, I had a family emergency and have been with family. I feel very bad for not following through even though I've had the winners picked out for a couple of days, life has just been a little crazy. 

    So after all the delays I'm very happy to announce the winners! (I will post the art features on the homepage within the next few days). It was very difficult to narrow down and chose these winners, because we had a ton of submissions. 


    1st place [Prize: 2 month art feature and journal shoutout]
    Submitted a gorgeous digital piece of Rowena standing with Rowena looking ver queenly surrounded by a blaze.
    Rowena by Puppet-Girl86

    2nd place:  [Prize: 2 month art feature and journal shoutout]
    Submitted a digital piece depecting an amazing scene from the show, the little hamster looks so helpless against Rowena's power.
Rowena: Don't cross me! by someoneyoul0ve

    3rd place:  [Prize: 2 month art feature and journal shoutout]
    Submitted a beautiful picture with two different hairstyles for Rowena, where she really captured her beautiful hair.
     Rowena-Contest by ymymy
    *I would like to apologize to ymymy for her piece not being large like the others, it won't give me the option, if any of you have any idea why or how to fix it please do share!

    4th place: [Prize: 1 month art feature and journal shoutout]
    Submitted a traditional pencil piece that focused on the facial features of the character.
    Ruth Connell by hsr62

    5th place: [Prize: 1 month art feature and journal shoutout]
    Submitted a watercolor piece that portrays Rowena as a very different person, it's nice to see the happy smile that isn't up to no good.
    CE: Rowena by sambeawesome
    6th place: 
[Prize: 1 month art feature and journal shoutout]
    Shows Rowena's witch side, by the look of the book and pose she must be up to no good.
Rowena by Lostinmybed

    7th place: [Journal shoutout]
    In this piece Rowena looks like she's plotting revenge on her son, as we all know she does love plotting revenge.
    mother of the year by Natterbugg

    8th place: [Journal shoutout]
    Submitted a piece that encompassed all of Rowena's traits. "Mother knows best", Rowena definitely would have to agree with that.
    Mother Knows Best by Obsess-Confess
    9th place: 
[Journal shoutout]
    Rowena's gorgeous hair is what captured my attention in this digital piece where rum-inspector's style really shows through to complete the picture.
    Rowena - Supernatural contest by rum-inspector

What you guys need to do!

    Go show these artists some love! Each one of them deserves it :hug:

    Also, please check out all of the other awesome submissions! When I've said how hard it was to pick these 9 people I was not joking, it was incredibly difficult and all of them deserve some love too. The link to the folder is at the top of this journal. 

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Winners for Rowena Contest

Wed Aug 12, 2015, 2:20 PM

First of all,

    I must apologize in the delay for picking the winners. Things have been a little hectic for me and I did not want to rush this decision because I felt the pieces really deserved to be looked at since they were all so amazing! 

    Also, thank you to everyone who participated and supported this contest! We hope to have many more in the future!

Winners will be announced Tomorrow!

    There will be 9 winners, since we had so many submissions, we were able to chose more than just a couple of winners. Since it has ben decided there will be 9 winners here are the prizes:

    1st-3rd place: 2 month feature of their contest piece, and a journal feature in the winners journal
    4th-6th place: 1 month feature of their contest piece, and a journal feature in the winners journal
    7th-9th place: a journal feature in the winners journal

    The winners journal will be published tomorrow with all the winners, so check back later to find out the winners! :D

Reminder about Supergroup status

    I'm still really looking for point donations to help us become a supergroup. Once we achieve that goal you as group members will get to participate more in contests, by that I mean that you will be able to vote on the winners! Also, once supergroup status has been achieved we will be able to give accumulate points to give away to you as members. We will be able to discuss supernatural and communicate better with a super group status. 

    Here are the details on how to donate: [Point] Feature! To become a supergroup!

    I have decided to add another tier to point donations to maybe help those who don't have 50 Points  still participate.

    If you donate 13 Points  you will receive a 1 week feature of one piece of art.  The rules and guidelines stipulated in the above journal will still apply so please read them!

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The Contest Has Closed! :D

Mon Aug 3, 2015, 7:43 PM

As the title says the Rowena Contest has ended!

    The winners will be picked in about a week, it has still not been determined how many people will win, but since we have had a lot of submissions I believe we will be able to chose a couple of winners. Some winners might only get a journal shoutout but that would allow us to chose more winners!

    As is the winners will be incredibly hard to narrow down! We had so many wonderful submissions :D I love how so many of you came together to draw a different character! 

    I hope to have more contests in the future!

I'd like to hear your opinions!

    What would you guys like to see in the future?

     Like what kind of contest? 

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